APT-HUNTER V3.0 : Rebuilt with Multiprocessing and new features

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Since last release i was working on new features and to increase the processing speed for large number of windows event logs files so i rebuilt the tool to use multiprocessing and added more feature that will help you in your next investigation.

Download from here : https://github.com/ahmedkhlief/APT-Hunter/releases/tag/V3.0

APT-HUNTER V3.0 Features

  • New use cases based on new attacks and incidents.
  • More statistics and detection for new log sources (Group Policy , SMB Client , SMB Server)
  • Rebuilt with Multiprocessing to utilize available resources.
  • Specify¬†start and end date to focus on specific time period.
  • lightning-fast Regex Hunt that go through tons of logs in minutes .¬†
  • New Object Access Report.
  • New Process Execution Report.
  • New Summary of Detection Results.
  • New statistics sheet that include the unique powershell commands executed in the systems.
  • New Statistics sheet for RDP client events with events SID automatically resolved to users.
  • New Statistics sheet for executed powershell commands.
  • Now you don’t need to bruteforce EventID 1029 hash to get username .
  • WinRM events SID now automatically resolved to user name.
  • New collected SID report that will provide you all the discovered SID with their user name.
  • New scoring system for powershell detection to let you focus on important events.
  • APT-Hunter now can handle any number or size of windows event logs.
  • Hunting module now allow you to include specific event ID to search.
  • Hunting module now allow you to provide a file with a list of regex

Running APT-Hunter

You can check the report samples in from the github repo.

python3 APT-Hunter.py -h
python3 APT-Hunter.py -p ../EVTX-ATTACK-SAMPLES/ -o Test -allreport -start 2022-04-03T20:56 -end 2022-04-04T20:56
Output Summary

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